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Sidera Srl - Creatività per la Moda - Ultime Novità

Transfer per abbigliamento
Produciamo e distribuiamo Transfer per abbigliamento realizzati con tecnologie brevettate e con impianti di ultima generazione
Accessori per Mobili
Ampia gamma di Accessori per Mobili
Accessori Arte Sacra
Ampia gamma di Articoli devozionali e promozionali
Gadget e Souvenir
Ampia gamma di Articoli promozionali: portachiavi, souvenir, spille
Accessori in poliuretano
Produciamo accessori in poliuretano termo plastico per retrocinta e applicazioni
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Principali Finiture Galvaniche

Software Free/OpenSource

Calcolo Area/Perimetro figure piane

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Sidera Srl - Welcome

Sidera Srl

Highly qualified personnel and constantly updated technologies allow us to guarantee the best service together with professionalism and constancy in quality. First choice raw material, modern implants, and creativity of our model makers: we are able to produce high-quality products with low time and cost factors.

The Sidera Srl produces and directly trims metallic accessories in Zamak alloy and brass, for the following sectors:

  • FOOTWEAR MAKERS: Buckles, holdfasts, ornaments, laterals, name plates.
  • PELTRY: Buckles, attachments, slide fasteners, rings, chains, bosses, name plates, spring catches, cursors and zippers.
  • CLOTHING: Buttons, strass chains, jewel buttons, safeties, clips, attachments, slide fasteners, buckles.
  • RELIGIOUS ARTICLES: Medals, crosses, crucifixes, bead chains, photo frames, bells, magnets, cribs, cenacles, Easter, key chains, statues, paperweights, resin-bonded labels, Saint Benedict crosses, rings.
  • INTERNAL FURNITURE: Door handles, knobs, keys, friezes, plates, ovals.
  • MILITARY FURNITURE: Buckles, buttons, attachments, slide fasteners, cursors, safeties, friezes, crests, key chains.
  • PROMOTIONAL: Gadgets, souvenirs, key chains, safeties, statues, paperweights, money holder, comfit-boxes.
  • GALVANIC: copper, antique copper, gold, silver, nickel, oxidized silver, brass, antique brass, burnished, gun-barrel, other on request.
For any doubt or particular request, don't hesitate to contact us: we are at your complete disposition.
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